How To Love Our Creator

Think about Him all the time

Call on His Name  - YHVH - Yod Hey Vav Hey

Talk to Him all day long.

Confess your faults to Him when He shows you..

Ask Him questions. Listen for answers… He will teach you anything you want to know…

Think about Him – His attributes

Look at a tree and count how many leaves are on the tree… can’t do it? He can.. He can tell you how many leaves, the weight of the tree … He can show you a video of all the growth of the tree since it was a seed that fell from another tree.. He can tell you the mathematical calculation of the billions and billions of instructions per second for the total growth of the tree…

See Him in all creation..

Understanding that He made everything and everyone.. He is the only Creator..

Understand that everyone is exactly how our Creator made them at the moment with all their imperfections.. they are works of our Creator. Accept and Love them as our Creator’s creation – No criticism or judgment of their faults… They are our Creator;s creation.. How can you judge another’s creation.

Love everyone… look for ways to love and bless everyone you can.

Spend time alone with just you and our Creator. Quite time.. where you talk to Him without other distractions..

Read scriptures and inspirational books… Study and learn as much as you can about Him.. Your goal is to be like Him.. not Him.. There is only one Supreme Being. 

Pray – complain that you want to be like Him.. Ask Him to change you into His image.

Don’t tell Him all the things you want or don’t want for you or others.. He knows..

Instead ask Him for His will… Submit to His will in everything… Don’t strive against Him.. surrender to His desires for you.. He desire to do good to His creatures… our Creator only brings good…


Stay connected to our Creator.. That Shechina may not be left in the dust… That She would be able to bring Her organs close to Herself…That contentment would be felt above..

Walk in Holiness and Righteousness toward our Creator and man in all that you do.. Respect our Creator and sin not against Him. All sins or infractions are only against our Creator – There is none else besides Him.

Be thankful for everything. Appreciate all He does for you and others. Don’t be envious against the prosperity of others.. Love and be content with what our Creator desires to give you.

Enjoy the endless pleasure He wants to send to you… Enjoy everything.. every moment of every day..

This is all you will do as a vessel of light ..forever and ever…. Receive His endless pleasure

Can you see it.. Endless pleasure with our Creator forever and ever…

Say – “I am going to have a wonderful day today and forever with our Creator.

What is your Love Quotient ? How much do you Love everyday.? Who do you Love ?

You get a score up to 99% ... when you reach 100% Light then you move on..

You have a Love Quotient with God and with every human being and plant and animal in the world.

How do you show them Love?

You can Love one person at 99% and another at 1%. ... you goal is to Love God and everything at 100%.

Oh.. I want to Love you my Creator and Love you with all my heart, soul and strength.. I want to Love your creation .... This is all I want to do...


Understand .. His will is to give endless pleasure to His creations… This is all He will do forever and ever… There is only His will.. surrender and be set free from anxiety Think – everything is wonderful.

Never complain about anything… He is the source of everything and complaining is slandering our Creator and saying that He does not give only good

Never complain.. He knows exactly how you feel.. if you don’t feel your best.. accept it and understand that is what He wants for the moment – there are both ascents and descents in a day..

Desire and ask for His will and be content and happy with whatever he sends.. Everything He sends is good

He has planned everyday of your life since He created you.. nothing is left to chance… His will is done each day…

Tithe – Give 10% of your income to him.. to others…


Spend The Day ... Enjoying The Day... Being Thankful...


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